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Licensing Support

Your IP must support your business goals, be it generating royalties, eliminating royalties or gaining market share. With its comprehensive solutions, Silver Bullet helps you achieve these goals efficiently.

Your IP is integral to your business goals. You create and/or acquire IP in support of your goals which could, for example, be:


  • Generating royalties from your IP

  • Injunctions against competitors

  • Assertion deterrence

  • Litigation avoidance or settlement

  • Reducing or eliminating royalties

  • Freedom to operate


We take a comprehensive look at your portfolio, your ecosystem, your business goals, your timelines and budgets and develop a solution to meet your needs.

Silver Bullet has unmatched access to resources, both experts and labs to create the most compelling technical and economic packages to give you an edge in your negotiations.

The team we employ has created 1000s of claim charts across the entire technology spectrum and against the most advanced devices, including the 10nm ones.

We also carry a sizable library of technical reports covering many popular devices to give you a head-start on your projects.

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