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Patent Brokerage

With our unmatched skills in uncovering the value of patents, extensive connections in the IP industry, ability to produce compelling business cases and strong negotiation skills, Silver Bullet is uniquely placed to meet your needs – both selling and buying patents for you.

Selling Patents

Patents are valuable assets in your hands. You can leverage these assets in many ways, for example, generate cash in the short term by selling patents and reduce operating expenses of carrying patents. The cash received lets your recover money spent in R&D and meet other financial needs.

  • We arguably have more experience evaluating, selling and buying patents than any other entity

  • We help maximize the value of your assets – we know how to identify and present the hidden value in patents

  • Our connections in the IP industry run deep and wide. We connect directly with the decision makers

  • We create the most comprehensive marketing and proof-packages to convince potential buyers

  • We negotiate the best terms for you, including the right to practice the inventions after the assets are sold

  • We work on complete contingency. There is no cost to you. We only make money if you do!

Buying Patents

As a practicing entity, you may want freedom to operate or seek other strategic advantage. Or, as a patent investor, you are looking for strategic assets to generate monetary returns. No matter what your needs, we can create a totally customized solution to help you buy; or buy patents on your behalf.

  • We keep your identity confidential

  • Buying though us will always result in much lower buying price than you will typically pay yourself. In other words, you hire a professional company and save money

  • We negotiate the best terms for you and can obtain the most information on existing encumbrances

  • We can buy named assets, or from named companies, or simply find and buy the patents that meet certain technical or market criteria

  • We can help you buy from companies that otherwise won't sell to you

  • We work under a nominal retainer plus success fees

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