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Value-Added IP Partners

We are a consultancy of proven IP experts, subject matter experts, and business experts with unmatched connections with decision makers across the technology and IP industries, geared to offer you a full-spectrum of IP services. We provide business strategy, licensing and litigation support (including patent mining & evidence of use preparation), buy-side and sell-side brokerage to operating companies, PAEs, and law firms.



"Silver Bullet was founded to help our customers do more with their intellectual property assets."



CEO, Silver Bullet IP



Anything is possible, so let's make it happen.

Our philosophy is all about making it happen where others cannot. Whether it comes to finding evidence of use, producing compelling business cases, buying those hard to buy patents, helping you generate royalties in difficult markets — or eliminating them, we go that extra mile to ensure that our customers, and their ideas, go as far as they can, too.


Bespoke programs for desired results.

We learned early in this business that each client is unique with a unique situation, and unique goals.

We always approach each client with a learning mindset: absorbing and understanding your business goals, strategy, technology, competitors, markets, portfolio, constraints, budgets, and timelines. Throughout the process we remain aligned to these as our "first principles".

Our team then evaluates this information from a technical and business IP-mindset to structure the best solutions meet your needs and objectives.


You are consulted and involved at regular intervals to refine the fidelity of the process and results. Each deliverable, sub-step, and milestone is actively communicated to you, so that you are always informed. Sign-offs are implemented to ensure objectives are met for each stage before  moving to the next.


What more can your portfolio do for you? Let's find out together.

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