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Strategic IP

Strategic analysis and advisory services to profitably navigate the IP ecosystem and answer your questions:


  • How does our IP support our business goals?

  • Are we well protected?

  • How does our IP stack against that of our competitors?

  • Do we have adequate freedom to operate?

  • Do we have more patents than we need?

  • How do we leverage your IP to gain competitive advantage in the market?

  • How do we generate return on our IP investment?

  • What’s the best way to monetize patents in our industry?

  • How to we best negotiate a cross-licensing deal?

IP Strategy

Patent Brokerage 
Buy & Sell Side

Flexible, contingency-based services for strategic buying and selling of patents. We zero-in on the most valuable patents with proof. Our connections run wide and deep in the industry. We can help acquire patents that are otherwise hard to acquire.

Patent Brokerage

Portfolio Review 
& Analysis

Understanding the trends and monetization opportunities within the portfolio based on accurate analytical models.

Portfolio Review

Litigation and Licensing Support 

A deep dive into the portfolio and associated markets to uncover licensing opportunities. We create comprehensive, courtroom-class evidence of use documents, technical  reports and royalty models to support your licensing campaigns – whether across the table or litigation-based.

Licensing Support

Patent Pruning

Maintaining patents through payment of Maintenance of fees can be a very expensive affair, particularly when your portfolio size increases and you have patents in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Which patents do you keep? Which ones your abandon? Which ones can be monetized through sale or licensing?


We take a holistic approach at your business goals, product roadmap and competitive situation to advise you and save you a ton or money (and in many cases, help you make a ton of money).

Patent Pruning

EOL Monetization

How many of your patents are expiring in, say, the next 2 years? Or in 3 years? These patents will soon be gone!

What was your overall investment in the R&D and patent prosecution? How do you recover your investment?

We can craft customized monetization programs and help you recoup some (or all) of that investment.

Litigation Support

Patent & Portfolio


A market- and transaction- based valuation taking into account several patent value metrics and recent deals.

Patent Valuation

Teardown & Reverse


Revealing innovation and evidence-of-use through teardown, component, and circuit analyses.

Contract Services
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